Company Profile

Guardian Industries Company ltd. Was established in 1978 as 100% Saudi Company and in the year 1989 its proprietorship on joint venture was transferred to Hamad Abdullah Zamil Group and Yusuf Bin Ahamed Kanoo Company in order to become as a big Company, adding the expertise and experience of both companies together in winning combination, achieving together success of investment in markets of the Region. In addition to manufacturing high quality and world standard fence security systems. Hence Guardian industries Company Limited is the first company in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia which specializes in the industry of road blockers (steel road blockers) in co-operation with internationally licensed American and British Companies specialized the field of Security Blockers Industry.

The Guardian’s effort for world quality suitable to the levels of international quality has crowned the company with obtainment of ISO 9001 Certificate. The company provides its clients high level guidance and specialized engineering consultations service prior to sale.

Guardian Industries CO. LTD, has more then 25 years experience in this line of manufacturing installation and maintenance. The most distinguishable service that Guardian Industries can provide. We can cater to that needs of our clients with maintenance and support services in case of our clients with maintenance and support services in case of breakdown in major cities within 24 hours and other remote areas in 48 hours.